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Buying a Home

Buying a Home
Are You Ready to Own Your Own Home?
Determining Your Dream Home and Finding It
Top Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Realtor
Top Ten Home Buying Tips
Top Home Buying Mistakes
Buying Your First Home

The Move Itself
The Move Itself
Top Ten Tips for Planning a Low Stress Move
Finding a Qualified Mover
How to Hire a Mover
Insurance for the Move
Preparing for the Big Day — Relocating and Moving
Managing the Mayhem of Moving
How to Avoid Moving Day Battle Fatigue
Finding & Saving Cash
Decorating & Remodeling
Top 10 Quick Tips for Improving Your New Home
Top 5 Decorating Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them
Inexpensive Ways to Makeover Your Kitchen & Bath
Cost-Effective Cosmetic Changes
More Than One Way to Pay for Remodeling
Recipe for a Successful Remodeling Project
Sample Contractor Agreement (PDF)
Decorating & Remodeling

Finding & Saving Cash
Homeowner Tax Breaks
How to Drop PMI Insurance
Energy Saving Tips
How to Hire a Contractor
Ways to Trim Remodeling Costs
How to Buy Appliances

Getting the Help You Need

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